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Breaking The L.O.G.J.A.M.

Science, Astrology and Natural Selection (ii)


Brian Underwood



Two other scientists whose discoveries are linked to Saturn and the Moon are James Watson and Francis Crick, who were awarded the Nobel Prize for their work in isolation the DNA molecule.

Their birth times are not known but their horoscopes show the same 'coincidence' as Darwin and Wallace in the emphasis on the Moon/Saturn, Cancer/Capricorn association.


Does this mean that the other planets don't 'work'?


Of course not, they all have an influence but the evidence does suggest that Saturn and the Moon in aspect and in Capricorn / Cancer have the strongest effect as astrologers like Adam Smith "Saturn Fatal Attraction" and Liz Green "Saturn - A New Look At An Old Devil" have recognised, not to mention the ancients who ascribed to Saturn qualities such as 'justice and righteousness' and 'the truth seeker', which can only have been attributed after long observation on Mankind.


These attributes highlight what the Chaldean astrological inheritance has to offer contemporary understanding.


The main 'coincidence' between Crick and Watson is the Moon / Saturn conjunction in Virgo, supported by Crick's Saturn in Cancer (see charts).


The final resolution of the DNA molecule took place on a Saturday (Saturn) morning in the Oxford laboratory they were using around lunchtime, upon which Crick is reported to have said, 'We have discovered the secret of life'.


The horoscope for the event time shows Cancer/Capricorn across the Ascendent / Descendant and the Moon conjuncting the Moon/Saturn conjunction in the Natal charts.


Whilst the foregoing is an oversimplification of planetary on scientistws it is supported by current and historical evidence as has been noted e.g. both Isaac Newton and Stephen Hawking are Capricorns ruled by the planet Saturn/Kronos/Time.


In the Introduction to Hawking's book, "A Brief History Of Time" (in which, incidentally, he doesn't make any reference to Astrology) Carl Sagan writes:

'This is also a book about God...Hawking is attempting, as he explicitly states, to understand the mind of God'.


He would, it appears, have been wiser to have consulted the writings of the pre-Copernican Astrologer/Astronomers before he set out on his quest.



Breaking The L.O.G.J.A.M.


Liz Green and John Michell are the Omega and Alpha of epistemology. By combing their authorship, "Saturn: A New Look At An Old Devil", and, "City Of Revelation" respectively, it is possible to define, de-construct and deconsecrate the myth of Jesus Christ, and re-assert Astrology's claim to be the source of moral law.


Michell's knowledge of Gematria, a Cabalistic (secret traditional lore, theological, metaphysical and magical, of Jewish rabbis, who read hidden meanings into the Bible) method of interpreting Hebrew Scriptures by interchanging words whose letters have the same value when added, joined with Green's work of restoration of Saturn's true nature from the calumnies of Jewish / Christian apologists, provide the key to de-mystifying the 'sacred'.


For example: in Gematria the number - Pythagoras said 'Everything is a number' - of the 'alleged' Christian 'saviour' Jesus is 888, and the number of Christ the 'anointed' is 1480.


If we take a simple, natural measure, that of the time it takes the planet Saturn to orbit the Sun, i.e. 29.6 years and divide that number into the number 888, representing Jesus, it goes exactly 30 times, which equates to the 12th letter of the Greek alphabet the letter E (L) or God.


If we then divide the number 1480, meaning Christ, by 29.6, we find it divides exactly 50 times.


1480 / 29.6 = 50


This equates with the 14th letter of the Greek alphabet, the letter 'N'. The 'glyph' for 'n' is the 'glyph' for the Astrological sign of Capricorn, which is ruled by the planet Saturn, and is joined to the 'glyph' for Zeta, the '7th' letter, Saturn being the 'seventh' planet.


The logical conclusion to the foregoing is that the planet Saturn is both the 'saviour' and the 'anointer' of the Christians as the article, "A Pious Fraud" makes clear.


Most 'born-again' Christians are 'born-again' at the time of Saturn's 'Return'.


By adding the numbers 30 and 50 together we can find another letter, that of 'P', which goes to make up the word PLAN.